Top yoga tip for pregnancy & birth

Whenever I ask my friends which part of their yoga practice helped them the most during pregnancy and birth – the answer is always the same, ‘the breathing’. a great technique to practise ahead of time The technique that comes out top is golden thread breathing. It’s great in later pregnancy and during labour for…

Tighten your tummy

This isn’t about losing weight it’s a pose to help bring your stomach muscles together if they’ve separated as a result of being pregnant. When I first became interested in pregnancy and post-natal yoga, I was lucky enough to enrol on the British Wheel of Yoga’s pregnancy module taught by the totally brilliant Wendy Teasdill….

Does yoga make childbirth easier?

All you Bendy Mamas out there have felt the same discomfort. The trepidation and anxiety that goes with giving birth to a child. The potential stress and pain of labour and the trauma of delivery. It’s hard to ignore, even though it accompanies one of the greatest events in our lives. I’ve been through it….