5 ways to practice yoga wherever you are

If you travel regularly it can be a real deterrent to maintaining a regular yoga practice. Don’t give up hope – you don’t have to skip your yoga practice just because you’re away from home. There are several ways to practice even if you can’t fit your mat in your bag.

Here are my top tips:

1. Practice in trainers – normally in yoga, the connection between your feet and the floor is really important for feeling balanced. This is why yoga is practiced barefoot. However in my opinion it’s better to do some yoga with your trainers on than none at all. Trainers will stop you from slipping in poses like downward dog which means you can still do a good practice with them on and can take them off if you’re sitting for breathing exercises or meditation. 

trainers2. Avoid slipping by avoiding downward dog or lunging poses – you can still do a great and well-rounded yoga practice without a mat. Most of the practices I’ve suggested on this blog you could do without a mat so please have a browse around the site and try a few.

3. Try a travel yoga mat – if you travel regularly, consider buying a travel yoga mat. They are thinner and lighter than a ‘normal’ yoga mat but are usually the same length and width. There are loads to choose from and some fold up so small you could fit them in the smallest rucksack or suitcase.

4. Use yoga gloves and socks – brilliant for a hotel room where you’ve got space to practice but couldn’t fit a mat in your luggage. Yoga gloves and socks have grips on them. The grips stop you from slipping which means you can do a full yoga practise without a mat.

gloves5. Go to a local class – it’s worth having a look on the internet or asking at the reception of your accommodation as there might be a studio or gym offering yoga classes nearby. It’s a great find if you tend to be away on the same night of the week too as you could attend regularly.

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