How to sit comfortably at work

Whether you’re pregnant or not it can be really hard to sit at work without back ache. If you’re office-based you can be sitting for hours without getting up. Also, if your workplace has hot-desking, you might be in different chairs, with varying levels of comfort, depending which desk you’re sitting at. 

Neither of these things will help if you have any existing back niggles or pregnancy-related back ache.

However I have a brilliant tip which will make you comfy in any chair – guaranteed!


The secret to being comfortable when sitting at work is to use a Pilates ball. This is a soft, 9 inch ball which is easy to inflate and deflate. When deflated, it scrunches down so will fit in your bag – although I ended up just keeping my ball in my locker at work.

The great thing about a Pilates ball is it does the job of a yoga block without having the bulk of a block. It’s also smaller and narrow so it fits nicely and I certainly didn’t find a chair that I couldn’t use the ball with.

Just like a yoga block, the trick is to sit on the edge of the ball. This means the majority of the ball then supports your lower back. I have written in more detail about how to sit with a straight back.

I found my ball to be invaluable during my days in the office, before and during my pregnancy. As I worked in different locations, I loved that I could take the ball anywhere with me.


The ball is also great for massaging your lower back by rolling it up and down your back.

If you do find sitting down all day makes you stiff, have a look at my post on postures for relieving tension caused by sitting at your desk.

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