Fancy sitting in a different way?

I spend a lot of time sitting on the floor now whether it’s on the carpet playing with my son in the house or at the library singing nursery rhymes. I always sit in the same way – legs crossed – and always my left leg tucked under my right.

I’ve been making a real effort to change the way I’m sitting and it’s surprising how ingrained it is (for me anyway!) to sit the same way each time. Sitting in different positions will work on your hips, knees and lower back in different ways, depending on the pose.

I promise you this gets easier the more you do it!

Remember to change the dominant leg for each pose so you don’t end up always working the same side.

Here are a few suggestions of different ways to sit and why they’re good for you.

1. Crosslegged

This is the ‘go to’ position for most people, mainly because we sit like this the most as children. It’s a gentle hip opener so a great choice if you’re stiff in the hips. You’ll naturally have a side you prefer – try to sit with the leg you don’t normally use tucked under to stretch out the other hip.

Flip the way you normally cross your legs

2. Crosslegged with foot resting on top of your knee

Have a go at this – basically the same as crosslegged but instead of tucking your foot under your knee, move it to rest on top of your knee. It’s a great pose for opening out your hips and more intense than the normal crosslegged position. As with many seated positions, this gets easier the longer you spend in it.

A stronger version of sitting crosslegged

3. Sitting on your heels

I love this sitting position because it’s hard to slouch sitting like this. I choose this pose if I’m tired as I find sitting up nice and straight is good for making you feel alert. A great pose to stretch out your thighs if you don’t have any knee problems.


4. Sitting in-between your feet

Another hip and thigh stretcher which is more intense than just sitting on your heels. If you haven’t done this before I would recommend getting a book or a cushion to put under your bottom. To get into this position, move your knees out wide and place the prop under your bottom. Sit back so your bum rests on the prop or if you’re feeling flexible sit back so your bottom is on the floor. I promise you this is also a position that gets easier the more you do it!


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