Been on your feet all day? Yoga for your sole

This is a quick stretch for tired feet. For if you’ve spent all day on your feet and it’s especially good if you wear heels. The best news is it’s easy and works quickly.

To start, take off your shoes and sit back on your heels either on a mat, or the floor.

If your knees are sore or if you’re uncomfortable, try putting a blanket under your knees.


Next, tuck your toes under so your toe pads are touching the floor.

This stretches out the sole of the foot. If the stretch feels too intense, stay in this position for a moment and then return to your starting position shown above.

If you do this stretch regularly, you will soon notice how you can tuck your toes under for longer, as your feet get stronger.


As your feet strengthen, you can make this stretch more intense by only sitting back on one heel.

To do this, try moving one leg in front of you, bending at the knee so your foot is flat on the floor.

The other leg stays with your heel under your bottom – turn your toes so the pads are touching the floor and sit back on your heel.


Please don’t do any of these poses if you experience any foot pain

I hope you like this one! These poses can give you a weird sensation at first. But if you’ve been on your feet all day, these stretches will get to the bits of your feet that ache.

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