Fixing the aches of being a mama 

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Bendy Mamas is born!

I’m new to this mama thing. My gorgeous boy is nearly 7 months old. He’s our first baby, a brilliant bundle of fun and giggles and a proper pleasure to spend each day with.

The immense satisfaction and deep joy he brings to me and my husband is difficult to put in words. If you’re reading this I’m guessing you have a baby or child too, and understand what a truly fabulous thing it is.

A collection of tips and observations to bring yoga into your everyday life

But what I didn’t expect in the early months of his life was my constant anxiety and physical pain.

This wasn’t anything to do with giving birth: my back ached, my shoulders were rock hard. I generally felt stiff, sore and creaky. I didn’t want this – I had told myself I was going to be a relaxed mama. After all I was a relaxed ‘normal’ person, so why was I suddenly so tense?

Before my baby I did yoga regularly; at home, in classes, I went to workshops and on retreats. I also taught classes, so I knew what I needed to do to ease my tense muscles.

But when was I now supposed to find the time? I was with my baby every hour of the day and night. And when he was finally asleep, stretching was the last thing on my mind. I wanted to sleep too!

Catherine and Otto asleep

I had read Wendy Teasdill’s brilliant pregnancy yoga book. I remembered in the post-natal chapter she advised not to worry about when or how you start yoga again, but to ‘let the yoga come to you’.

That’s exactly what happened to me.

I was walking my dog in the park, when it dawned on me. Instead of waiting for this magical day when I would have a free half hour to start up my yoga practice, I needed to make yoga part of my everyday life.

I had to let the yoga come to me!

That is the purpose of this blog, Bendy Mamas. It’s going to be a collection of tips and observations to bring yoga into your everyday life, to let the yoga come to you.

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