Peepo! Yoga to make babies giggle

We have a dog, and I spend a lot of time outdoors, walking in the park. It’s a great opportunity to mull over things that are on my mind. And now I have a baby it’s usually a fail-safe way of ensuring he takes a morning nap (it doesn’t work so well in the afternoon!)….

Does yoga make childbirth easier?

All you Bendy Mamas out there have felt the same discomfort. The trepidation and anxiety that goes with giving birth to a child. The potential stress and pain of labour and the trauma of delivery. It’s hard to ignore, even though it accompanies one of the greatest events in our lives. I’ve been through it….

Find your pelvic floor in downward dog

New mums. How many times have you been told to do your pelvic floor exercises? It was really drummed into me during the last months of pregnancy and again after birth. Every time I saw a midwife or health visitor they wanted to know I was doing my pelvic floor exercises. They are asking for…

Sitting with a straight back

Have you noticed how babies and small children sit with a straight back? And have you noticed how hardly any adults do? Relearning how to straighten your back can have such a brilliant and immediate effect on your posture. And that in turn will help get rid of any lower back aches you might have….

Magic breathing trick gets babies to sleep

My first yoga class was in Brixton sports centre, in London, on a Tuesday night. The teacher, who I think was called John, was excellent. He kept on at the class about the importance of breathing. At the time, I didn’t get it. Breathing was easy; I’d done it my whole life, with no effort….

Simple techniques to ease stiff shoulders

It’s probably no surprise that my first tip is related to super-sore shoulders. In my case, I knew why my shoulders ached. It was mostly from breastfeeding and a bit from just being tired and tense. I had a habit of hunching up my shoulders without even being aware of it. When I teach yoga…

Fixing the aches of being a mama 

I’m new to this mama thing. My gorgeous boy is nearly 7 months old. He’s our first baby, a brilliant bundle of fun and giggles and a proper pleasure to spend each day with. The immense satisfaction and deep joy he brings to me and my husband is difficult to put in words. If you’re…